Although our chapel is not intended to compete against the reverence and respect of the church, it has been tastefully designed as an option for those who do not wish a formal church setting. Conveniently located within the Mortuary, it provides a dignified setting for family, friends and the community to gather together and pay tribute to the deceased.  

Tailoring services to your needs and wishes
Our Chapel seats up to 52 people Comfortably.  It is very warm and intimate.  We can accomodate your wishes and design the Chapel to your liking.  The seats are removable and can be set up any way you would like. We can also accomodate Veteran Honors, Musicians and Honoraries.

Tailoring a memorial service to honor personalized requests of faith, military origin or other specialized requirements is more than just an option, it's the only way we do business.  We build a memorial service according to your specifications, both in requests and costs.  Creating a fitting service is our main concern, staying within your specific budget is our bottom line.