Just another way we're flexible.....

We honor prearrangements made at any other funeral home

We are happy to assist you in transferring your existing preplanning policy and arrangement records to our Mortuary.  We will work closely with the previous Funeral Home in making sure your arrangement and payment records are up-to-date at the time of acceptance. Go to our Pre-Arrangement page and compare, what you have now and what we offer.  If you feel you will benefit from transferring your exhisting plan, call on us anytime.

We believe the flexibility a prearrangement policy offers should include your choice of firms....not just the one with which you've prearranged.

We offer comprehensive preplanning packages. Your service requests will be documented and kept on file for activation or changes. Additionaly, we will assist you with the specific death benefits of your government and/or insurance policies.

Contact us if you would like information regarding transferring your prearrangements.