What About


"As many choices as there are wishes"

    As with any funeral arrangement, there are several options available and many people are choosing to include Cremation in their at-need and preneed arrangements.  Because Cremation is becoming such a popular choice of final disposition, we at Lake Havasu Mortuary and Crematory are here to provide you with information on our Cremation services. We also offer pre-arranged financing with Homesteaders Life Insurance Company.  There are many options with regards to pre-planning.


Do I have less service

options if I choose to be cremated?          

As with any funeral arrangement, the type and choice of services is left to you and your family.  Should you decide on cremation, you may be buried in a traditional service, interred in a mausoleum, columbarium or crypt, or placed in the home of a friend or family member.  As well, cremation can be included in your preplanning arrangements.  Choosing cremation doesn't lessen your service options by any means.     

Some of the many choices available with cremation are as follows:

  •   Funeral service prior to cremation with traditional burial
  •   Funeral service prior to cremation with interment in mausoleum,   columbarium or crypt.        
  •   Memorial service with viewing and cremation to follow
  •   Memorial service with cremains present
  •   Memorial service and interment
  •   Immediate cremation without memorial service  
  •   Immediate cremation with scattering ceremony
  •   Immediate cremation with memorial service and scattering ceremony 

What do people do with cremains?

The first thing that comes to most people's minds are stories of keeping a loved one's ashes in an urn on the mantel in their home.  Though this is an option, there are others.  An urn can be buried in a cemetery or entombed in an above ground columbarium niche, crypt or mosoleum.  Some wish to have their cremains dispersed in a scattering ceremony. (It should be noted that the scattering of cremains may be regulated by state laws and sometimes requires a permit.)


Guiding families through decisions like these is what we do best.

Assisting in the arrangements that accompany cremation is a task we encounter everyday.  We understand the need for prudent decision making, but we also understand that circumstances don't always accomodate that. Families not faced with the at-need urgency of making arrangements are focused and confident.  The decisions they make are sensible and reflect the wishes of both the individual and the family.  We ensure that you understand all the options available to you when choosing cremation, enabling you to make sound decisions.